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Natura, artis magistra.

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Birthdate:Oct 16
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friends only.

it's difficult to really describe who i am. i'm ever-changing, just as we all are a product of our environment. we grow and learn as we acquire new knowledge about the world around us. this journal is just a glimpse into the world as i've experienced it and my perceptions of what i've observed. i try to keep as open a mind as possible, and actively seek new methods of bettering myself.

my interests are below, but my main passions are art, travel, and friendship. i am a graphic designer as well as a crafter, making necklaces, earrings, and cards as a side hobby. i wish to touch every continent before i die in an effort to soak up various cultures and transform myself repeatedly as i continue down life's journey. my dearest, closest friends are like home to me; when they are standing by my side and i theirs, it's as if nothing else matters anymore.

please check my journal for a longer intro into who i am, and add me if you wish! i'm always looking for new people to connect with.

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ad design, affirmations, art, artists, astronomy, birds, board games, body mods, books, brain games, building community, calm, cameras, camping, cats, celebrations, classical music, collecting, cooking, crafting, crafts, crafty, creative, creativity, crystals, dinosaurs, dogs, dreams, energy, environmentalism, etsy, fae, fairies, fairy tales, foreign languages, forests, friends, friendship, game nights, gaming, gardening, geeks, gemstones, getting dirty, getting mail, gifting, glamourkin, going green, graphic design, gratitude, handcrafted, handmade, herb gardens, hiking, history, home, homemade, honesty, humor, individualism, inspiration, inspirational quotes, intellectualism, intelligence, jewelry, kindness, kitschy, knowledge, languages, laughter, learning, light, living purposefully, logic puzzles, love, mail exchanges, making art, making new friends, making things, math, mathematics, mensa, museums, music, natural living, nature, ocean, one-on-one conversation, openmindedness, outdoors, outer space, packages, packaging design, painting, peace, photography, picnics in the park, positivity, rain showers, rainbows, random acts of kindness, reading, recipes, recycling, restaurants, retro, road trips, rocks, sarcasm, sashimi, science, seeing new places, seeing the world, sewing, sounds of the universe, space, spiritualism, spirituality, stones, stretched lobes, stretching, sushi, swap, swapping, swaps, taking pictures, tattoos, tea, technology, the ocean, the universe, thoughtfulness, thrift stores, travel, traveling, tree-hugging, trust, truthfulness, unity, upgrading my home, video games, walking, waterfalls, wisdom, wit, wonder, world languages

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