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2037-12-31 12:00 pm
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A few friends of mine have these lists so that others can see a small glimpse of who they are. I'd been meaning to do one, but never got around to it. I admit that I borrowed some as a template - brain fart! I'll update my list as things change or need to be added.

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2011-11-02 10:22 am

Nanowrimo: Writing Prompt #1

Prompt provided by [community profile] dailyprompt of dreamwidth (Daily Prompt for those of you on LJ in case the tag doesn't work).

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Not all prompts conjure up darker imagery for me, but I will warn that I do love dark, twisted stories that rock the main character(s) to the core. There's something interesting about human nature when in need to survive away from the comforts we know today and that interest often comes out in my writing. It's also why I admittedly fell in love with Walking Dead (besides the fact it was filmed in Atlanta, hehe). I may or may not pick these stories back up again to indulge more, but I love using these prompts as a way to spark my creativity in my other artistic endeavors. So enjoy... I hope!