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A few friends of mine have these lists so that others can see a small glimpse of who they are. I'd been meaning to do one, but never got around to it. I admit that I borrowed some as a template - brain fart! I'll update my list as things change or need to be added.

First Name: Michelle

Nickname: Shel is the one that everyone calls me (my former LJ name was even "shelchan"). However, I also have been called Michelley, Michelley-Cinderelly, Mee-cha-lay, Shelly Belly, and Shel Bell. Noticing the theme, here? Just no Mickey Nickey and don't ever call me honey. ;)

Woo, it's a Shel!

Birthday: October 16

Location: Atlanta, GA. I'm a rare native; I was born and raised here, spent four years away in Valdosta for college, then returned to Atlanta. Do I consider it home? Currently, yes. Would I want to live here forever? Probably not. I have dreams of eventually living on the west coast or even in a foreign land. My biggest dream is to be a professional traveling hobo, in which case my "home" would simply lie within people I'd meet along the way. :)

Leap for joy! It's Atlanta! In the winter, so it looks kind of dead, eep!

Occupation: Graphic Designer is my real world job, but I also create jewelry and cards on the side. Photography was once a paid profession, but now I stick to taking a plethora of photos for my own enjoyment. :)

Partner: That would be Ryan. We're similar, yet not. While we're both total goofballs and have a passion for travel, our ideas on how to live day-to-day life vastly differ from one another. The biggest trial we face is that I thrive on "chaos" and have a difficult time dealing with extreme OCD cleaning. Ryan, however, cannot stand the slightest mess. It's sort of funny how we try to compromise on that one, heh! We make do and get along just fine, and I learn a bit about myself and who he is by simply because we are so different. He helps me see those differences as beautiful parts of someone else's life. ♥ We are engaged now and will be married come September 29, 2012! Exciting. :)

We met on eHarmony... Thanks, mom! ;)

"Religion": I can't truly say religion because I don't really have one. I consider myself to be a spiritual mutt. However, if you think in those terms, the BeliefNet Quiz describes my "religion" as such:

1. Mahayana Buddhism (100%)
2. Theravada Buddhism (99%)
3. Unitarian Universalism (87%)
4. Neo-Pagan (85%)
5. Hinduism (76%)
6. New Age (76%)
7. Liberal Quakers (71%)
8. Taoism (69%)
9. New Thought (65%)
10. Jainism (62%)

My friends say that I'm a close mix of Buddhism and Paganism. I believe there is some sort of driving force out there across the cosmos that can be felt and heard if one simply takes a moment to stop and listen, I just don't think this force has a name like God. I believe in the power of the natural world; I feel more alive watching the mist rise up off a mountain after a fresh rain than I do sitting in sermon. Currently, I'm trying out crystals as tools to help me as I mold and change after a dark period in my life. My main stone is lepidolite. It's a beautiful stone, and I love it's peaceful qualities~

It is a single piece; this photo merely shows two views of the same stone - it is my first piece of lepidolite (now I own at least three!)

Yes, I do think there is an energy to be channeled in stones - after all, if I believe there is a subtle yet powerful energy in nature, it stands to reason that stones would fall into that category. Everything has an energy to emit and wants us to receive it... one simply has to be in tune with themselves and their surroundings to be willing to accept it. I also believe in truth and love, trying to be as kind as one can be. It's a lot of trial and error, and it doesn't mean one has to have a connection with someone else. It simply means one doesn't go out of their way to make someone else's life miserable. I am trying to apply this to my life after a long spell of being that snarky bad-ass who didn't care about feelings. Horrible, I know. Working on the change!

Pets: Also considered my children, I have two "adult" cats named Chloe and Vincent. I say adult in quotations because they still act as though they're in the teenager phase and refuse to listen to their mother. I am a dog lover as well, but due to my love of travel, it'd be cruel for me to own a dog. My home life is pretty active as well, so the independent nature of cats is well suited to my needs. They are quite loving and enjoy laying on me in the morning so that I can't move. When I am up and about, they are always underfoot and begging for attention. I might as well own a dog... ;)

They are brother and sister, though you wouldn't know it!

I take that back. Chloe is what most people envision about a cat: extremely independent, not a lap cat, wants to do her own thing come rain or shine (she's extremely stubborn!). Vincent is more laid back, craves attention, and looooooves to play. If you don't play with him, he'll terrorize Chloe to force her into playing. They'll tear around the condo like it's nobody's business, lol! Vincent also loves to play this game where he'll run full force on the hardwood floor and then slide into the wall. He'll do it over and over and over again. I wish I understood why he enjoys damaging his brain. Is living with Ryan and me all that bad, little Puu?

Hobbies & Activities: My mother always said I'm too talented. I figured at the time, she was just a doting parent. Then when I hit high school and realized I couldn't be happy in one career forever, I figured out what she meant. My activities are as varied as this earth. On the one hand, I enjoy going out and having fun, often partying until the early hours (assuming my sleep schedule allows for it). On the other hand, I enjoy simple tasks such as reading, painting, making jewelry and cards, hiking, camping, cooking, playing piano and flute, and playing games of both the video and board variety.

One of my first necklaces created on my own - it's one I love to wear!

Of course, my favorite "hobby" is travel. It isn't just a hobby, it's my life. It's the driving force behind everything I do. I want to see every last part of this earth before I die... It's just waiting out there to be experienced, calling my name out across the vast expanses of the universe. It beckons me to come, and I plan to heed it's call. :)

Body Modifications: I'm not exceptionally modified, to be honest. I enjoy reading about others' experiences, but I don't want too much for myself. I do have stretched lobes (4g/5mm for the curious) and currently one tattoo of a bird on my upper left shoulder/back area. I have many more ideas for tattoos, such as honoring my family members as birds surrounding the main one, which represents me. I have a second tattoo that is wrapped around my right side. It's 3 poppies to represent the first three pets in my life who had a major impact on me. There is also a key tucked in among the vines to remind me to always open doors. Eventually I'll add to my bird tattoo with an owl to represent my grandmother who passed away in 2010. She adored owls and I want to honor her memory post-wedding. I'd also like to be pierced once just to see what it feels like and go through all of the emotions. I was pierced as a six month old by my doctor at the time and thus have no clue how it feels to have a needle going through my skin.

You can sort of see my lobes (these were at 6g) as well as my bird tattoo done by Malia of Memorial Tattoo in Atlanta

Other Thoughts: I figured this would be a good space to say anything else that may need to be said for the curious at heart. :)

• I envision myself living Childfree. This does not mean that I hate children; quite the opposite, really! While I am easily annoyed by children who run wild and the sound of a screaming baby is one sound on my list of pet peeves, I enjoy hearing the way a child sees the world. There is a sense of amazement, wonder, excitement... something so few adults possess. However, I don't want those quotes coming out of my body. I'm much more content to be a godmother to my friends' children. :)

• I come from an "odd" family. That is to say that my family is close and yet we're not. I was raised to be a strong, independent woman and come from a long line of fierce women. There is nothing wrong with my family structure; we just aren't your traditional sort of family. We'll defend one another and support each other, which is what I love about them. And yes, I live close to my family, though it wasn't fully by choice - we all just happen to reside in Atlanta.

• I'm inquisitive by nature. I want to know everything there is to know about anything. My mom said that most children she knew would ask a question such as "How does the light work?" and would be satisfied with the answer "The wire outside brings in electricity." Not me. I had to know all aspects of the journey, from where the power plant got the energy all the way to how the TV set worked. It's no wonder my mom wasn't stay-at-home... I wouldn't want to be stuck at home with me either all the time! ;)

• On that same note, if my mom couldn't answer me, I wanted find out on my own. I was known for breaking open brand new toys at Christmas just to see how they worked. Once I "figured it out" I'd ask my mom to put it back together. Unfortunately, busting apart a robotic horse wasn't my mom's idea on how to play with a toy I'd had for less than an hour, and thus it went into the trash. Aww. I still seek answers that others don't know if I'm curious enough about something - it'd be weird for me to sit back and accept "I don't know" for an answer!

• I strongly believe in equal rights. This includes gay marriage and equal pay for women. However liberal those ideas may be, I'd be considered fiscally a conservative. I don't like money being wasted, and honestly don't care much for taxes at all for this reason. The government simply doesn't know how to spend it properly. If we could all decide on our own how we wanted it spent based on existing government programs, maybe more voices could be heard and we'd feel as though we matter. My views tend to plant me firmly in moderate positions, though I lean more liberal than conservative. If I had to choose between civil/social liberties or saving money, assuming there is no way to make both work in tandem together I would go for liberty. Rights just aren't something meant to be stripped away from the people no matter the monetary cost.

• Though not everyone might believe me, I hate conflict. I tend to shy away from situations where conflict occurs as it stresses me out. It doesn't have to be my own; two people fighting or one stressed out person is all it takes. I'm very sensitive to the changing energy patterns around me, and I don't react well. I was in a darker period in my life where I let the negative energy consume me and I behaved very out of line in terms of how I wanted to live my life. I've since started moving on, and this is where my stones come into play. So conflict, please don't come knocking on my door... I don't much care for you. :)